World Wide Web, HTML, and CSS Specifications

HTML 4.01 spec
Elements lists the components you can put into the document and indicates what's been deprecated.
Attrbutes lists the attributes you set on elements, like width. Note that nearly all display attributes are deprecated in favor of using styles.
Style Sheets spec
The style sheets property table is particularly useful.

Site Checking validator link checker
CSS Validator
Web Design Group Link Valet examines for broken links HTML Kit HTML Tidy System for creating web based project management. You install it on a PHP server, then admin sets it up and users update their tasks.
Xenu's Link Sleuth Google Analytics and Statcounter Makes ure your page has enough color contrast
How accessible is your site? This page lists accessibility checks that tidy HTML performs Excellent, current tutorials in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. The basic script samples show how to implement most solutions.
Terry Sullivan of has many useful comments on keeping web pages simple and fast. A lot of useful hints on optimizing web pages. self explanatory A compendium of web related information including Perl, PHP, and RSS
A List Apart is another nice site for web design advice.
Web Standards Group has many resources
WebCredible tauts usability. Though I find the site busy, this page has a great example of making a full div a link.

color good general info and links to stories about color
Color Scheme Designer You choose a main color on the color wheel. It suggests a color scheme for you. Styles include mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, accented analogic. The Scheme preview can be a "light page" or a "dark page." It produces nice looking pages though I haven't found them to translate well into the final product, and you can't start from any old color.
Nasa Color Usage Guidelines Research based tips on color usage. Lots of theory. Targetted at information on heads up displays.

Search Engine and Keyword Tools

Keyword Spy Search Marketing Intelligence. Type in a word, it tells you expected clicks per day, cost to advertize. Number of competitor using the advertizing word.
Mike's Marketing - Search Engine Rankings (MMO recommendation) free ranking
WordTracker keywords downloaded tool. Didn't seem very impressive. They have a FREE keyword suggestion tool place to get this:
DigitalPoint keywords Search Engine Keyword Tracker and Keyword Ranking Tool
GoodKeyWords is a free application to help identify good keywords for your web page. They also have "KeyWordPad." Stats on browser use, screen resolution, and operating system.
w3school's counter More stats on browser use, screen resolution, and operating system.
EZine Articles: Benefits

Yahoo Publisher Network Advertizing with Yahoo "Advertizing Platform"

Email Marketing
Constant Contact

Web Business Sites

Web Design Business Kit 2.0 has excellent, step by step tutorials on CSS layout. has examples of CSS layouts.
Willmaster on sending HTML/Text Email very good site in general

Free cool logos and other graphics --
Free Web services from Adobe: Create a Banner, Create an Image, Optimize and Image.
Very nice color scheme selection Johannes Itten

A javascript - DHTML menubar
Over Text Pop-ups very nice
No right click script.
Daily content script Website Magazine free subscription

To find more good keywords, that will help with google ad sense, go here: Google AdWords Keyword Tool (

IBM has a good ad which defines Web sophistication development in three stages:

  1. Publish-only site. a cost effective way to distribute basic information.
  2. "Self-Service" site. Customer can query on information related to their account.
  3. Transaction based site. e-commerce, buying and selling, committing any kind of business transaction via the web site. software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. E.g., GIF to PNG, Resize, etc. (Free, Open Source)
Yahoo's Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site GNU Image Manipulation Program, freely distributed for photo retouching, image authoring, and more.
Minify combines and minifies HTML, CSS, and javascript. Removes comments, excess white space, etc. to reduce page size.
PNGCrush makes PNG files even smaller
java2s.comA lot of code snippets from many languages. Contributors seem to be a lot of 14 year olds, but some of it is okay.
jQuery - a javascript library for HTML documents.
Android Development

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